To make cum by means of the oral sex

We will refer to the scene with a real woman. She has already been warned that she is going to do oral sex. It's not about sucking the penis, but about doing it until he comes. And most men love this oral sex. How to prepare for oral sex and how to make your partner cum in the mouth?

How to prepare an oral sex scenario?

Normally, this act of putting the penis in the mouth comes naturally to couples. The purpose is to excite the man, and he will be excited when his penis swells with blood, so by an emotional play. If the man is not comfortable, he will never get excited, even after hours of oral masturbation. To get motivated, you have to remove your hair, because the smell of hair in your mouth is not very pleasant. Then you have to wash yourself, since your nose is getting closer to the action and the atmosphere will turn into a fiasco if there are unpleasant odors. It will be more convenient to brush your teeth and sprinkle one of those mint scents. Note that it is gay couples who do this act the most, and to practice, just adopt the male sex doll with a penis always excited.

How to play penis in the mouth?

Men tend to hold their partner's head when she gives a blow job. Their goal is to shove his dick down the woman's throat until she spits. And it's exciting for men to watch this scene, especially to feel his penis plunging into the heat of her mouth and clenching at her throat. Once the penis is in our mouth, we breathe with our nose and block it. We pull the penis out when we need air. We make sure the penis doesn't touch the teeth. The tongue is there to serve as an instrument of excitement.

To hold the pace and to manage to make cum, we block the penis by our closed lips, we hold its end well by masturbating it a little.

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