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That brunet like it big and hard

So now we know that women want a larger penis but the question is why? Penises might be more practical than pretty, but that doesn’t mean that women aren’t more attracted to some than others. Men are naturally competitive, and penis size seems to be one more thing to lose sleep over. What is lost on most men is that size does not make you better at pleasing a woman in the same way that bigger fists do not make a better boxer.

They make you feel more full

A big penis looks much better than an average or small penis - It might surprise you to know that women are also visual creatures to a certain degree when it comes to sexual intercourse. An erect big manhood is a lot sexier and aesthetically pleasing than erect average or small penis. When it comes to sexual arousal and stimulation, sight also has its role to play for both men and women like it’s observed when individuals watch live porn. .

They look better

A big penis sets a woman in the right mood for sexual intercourse; this is also similar to the first reason. If a woman is sexually excited before she begins foreplay with her lover then she would likely have more orgasms than if she were not sexually excited. Just the sight of a big male sex organ can set a woman in the right mood to have sexual intercourse.

It's more masculine

A big penis creates more friction in a woman's vagina - men and women experience pleasure during sexual intercourse because of the friction between the penis and the vaginal wall. There are sexual pleasure centres that are located around and deep into the walls of a woman's vagina, when a man inserts his penis into his lover's vagina and begins to thrust - he creates friction which is enjoyed by both him and his lover.

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