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The master of the anal pounding !

Sodomy is sex from behind, so you need some knowledge before you can attack it. Indeed, making love can be seen in various forms, but this part of sodomy is practiced mainly by homosexuals. Here, we will broaden the subject and give everyone the opportunity to love sodomy.

What exactly does sodomy mean?

Classically, making love is the action of putting two opposite sexes together, penis and vagina. Sodomy is a practice that homosexuals do not escape because it is the only way they can make love and with penetration. But for a married couple who trust each other, sodomy is another perspective to enjoy the pleasure of sex and also to feel their orgasms coming, for girls. You can also choose this type of sexual practice when your partner is pregnant, menstruating or fat. But to get a good feel for things, the experts posted several positions to do anal sex properly.

The anal sex expert

The anal sex of the whiteboxxx requires a preparation of mind, that's why it's advisable to do it with your usual partner. You already have to have this agreement that you're going to have anal sex tomorrow night. So, it is appropriate to prepare everything in advance. The room must conform to this romantic atmosphere, as if it is the first time you will sleep with this girl. Yes, logically, it is women who need to be prepared because she is the submissive in this story. Rose petals, candles, good smell in the room, and music that makes us want to dance the slow. And then this room will be warm, a little corner of wood fire would be great. The bed is super comfortable, but the ideal is the sofa.

Now, you can ask her to undress, and lie on the floor with a yoga mat to give herself a relaxing massage. You can put a lot of lubricant on the asshole and start with your fingers, then the penis.